Benefits of Sports and Exercise to Stay Healthy

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Regular exercise is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy. Participating in sports and exercising can help your body fight fat, build lean muscle tissue and increase your metabolism which is key to maintaining a healthy body weight.

The best way to stay healthy is to combine cardiovascular exercise with strength training. Swimming, running and race walking are all good examples of cardiovascular exercise. There are also many sports that promote cardiovascular fitness such as tennis and cycling. These types of activities will strengthen the heart as well as burn calories. Strength training can be accomplished by working out with weights such as dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. You can either find a total body workout plan that can be done three times a week or split your workout into body parts. When you use a split plan, you will only work two muscle groups at a time and will need to be in the gym five days a week for maximum results.

Obtaining the most benefit from sports and exercise is best accomplished by choosing an activity you enjoy and being consistent the frequency of your workouts. All exercise plans work best when combined with a well-balanced diet to keep your body strong and healthy. A well-balanced diet consists of lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, low-fat dairy products and a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Take a look here to learn more: F.I.T.T Principle

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